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Since 1989, E2i has developed expertise in analysis and action plans to garantee the viability and development of your projects thoroughly.

With its 18 employees (including 12 consultants and their 4 assistants), E2i is involved in :

Territory dynamics

E2i’s interventions are based on methods for mobilizing the local actors and the inhabitants (animation of information / and/or consultation meetings) aiming at federalizing dynamics.

Type of actions.
-  development plans for cities’ districts, communes, associations of communes,
-  assessment of programs and local systems of actions
-  feasability studies of economic infrastructures for development
-  conception, implementation and follow-up of programs for touristic development
-  identifying, analysis and transfer of innovative experiences.

Local development and employment

The E2i’s expertise in developing and assisting projects, taking into account social and economy, making local politicians, companies’ managers, trade unionists and associative members meet, makes us a catalyst for the dynamics for employment.

Type of actions
-  Assistance in project developments
-  Training engineering
-  Economic / structure / social audits
-  Conception / valuation of systems supporting the development of the new employment potentials
-  Assistance in managing - reducing the working time.

Inclusion thanks to the economy

E2i’s interventions are based on
-  an analysis of the local context and a diagnosis of the studied structures
-  a mobilization of the actors thanks to specific animating technics
-  Sharing of knowledge and know-how experienced on the national territory and abroad
-  Bringing technical and financial tools (methods for accessing to the European Social Fund)

Type of actions
-  Assistance to setting up the PLIE (Local Plan for Inclusion and Employment).
-  Dynamic assesment of the PLIE.
-  Technical support and assistance to the decision of the actors for inclusion.
-  Mainstreaming and experience transfer.
-  Feasability studies and assistance for developing structures for inclusion.

Strategy and development of structures

E2i offers business or association managers an assistance to determine objectives of development.

-  Financial and structure audits.
-  Analysis of the structure positioning and of its project.
-  Animation of management meetings with manager teams.
-  Setting up management control data.

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